"The staff at SNU-Therapy are very knowledgeable and friendly to their clients. I have previously been in other therapy places and the SNU staff seemed like they knew more about my problem and did the right things to solve it. Other places were good but not as good as snu. I would def recommend this place to other people."

-Mark M.

"The staff, treatment and care SNU-Therapy offers is absolutely phenomenal. Not only did I leave feeling rejuvenated but I admired the time and effort taken by the staff to educate me on the proper rehabilitation needed for me to maximize my physical health. SNU therapy is my first recommendation!"

-Tiffany F.


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WARNING: Why your hamstring stretch is NOT EFFECTIVE!

MDT Perspective Twist : If you stretch with your legs straight, the emphasis of the stretch is on the far ends of the muscles, where they insert into the joints. On the other hand, the angle produced by bending your knees slightly and hinging from your hips creates more stretch in the belly of your hamstrings. Hinging from your hips with an extended back does not stress the vertebrae of your lower spine and your knees in the way that bending over with a flexed back and straight legs does. Your hips are designed to take that pressure. Your knees and lower spine are fragile, your hips are not!





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