"The staff at SNU-Therapy are very knowledgeable and friendly to their clients. I have previously been in other therapy places and the SNU staff seemed like they knew more about my problem and did the right things to solve it. Other places were good but not as good as snu. I would def recommend this place to other people."

-Mark M.

"The staff, treatment and care SNU-Therapy offers is absolutely phenomenal. Not only did I leave feeling rejuvenated but I admired the time and effort taken by the staff to educate me on the proper rehabilitation needed for me to maximize my physical health. SNU therapy is my first recommendation!"

-Tiffany F.


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Shin Splints: 5 Keys To Prevention

by Strength-N-U on 29-Apr-13 15:30
With better weather just around the corner, many of you runners must be itching to get off that treadmill and finally enjoy the great outdoors! But as the weather gets warmer and runs get longer, a common condition known as shin splints begins to affect many runners...
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5 tips to a pain free golf season

by Strength-N-U on 04-Apr-13 10:20
Every golfer out there asks themselves the same question, “how much yardage am I getting off of my swing?” I want you to think for a moment though about the question that not many golfers are asking themselves, that just might be more important, “is my golf swing harming my body?”. Here are some tips to a pain free season.
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Is your jumpers knee ready for March Madness?

by Strength-N-U on 15-Mar-13 11:13
Whether you are an athlete or into physical activity if your activity requires jumping read on. This may be just what you have been looking for to get rid of that nagging knee pain that always seems to limit your performance.
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What is that numbness in my fingers??!!

by Strength-N-U on 19-Apr-12 11:47
Have you ever tried to do a push-up and felt a sharp “zing” in your hand? Or grabbed a kitchen utensil only to find you had no grip strength? Or how about waking up in the morning with numb fingers? These may be the early signs of a condition commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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